Onstagecollection is taken over by experienced Danish fashion company date 1.10.17

STYLE HOUSE APS, which is already behind the brands Made by Andersen and Gervig, added another brand to the company, taking over the Danish brand Onstage, which was established back in 1993 by Seiten, they are pleased to transfer it to STYLE HOUSE APS.

“For us, it is important to keep Onstagecollection’s DNA so that we keep the design red line, quality and style that already characterizes the brand. We are so much at home in fashion and therefore it is with great care and respect, we continue Onstagecollection, tells owner and creative manager Birgitte Gervig Andersen, looking forward to ensuring that price, quality and design are also going forward even higher up with new Onstage collections tailored and designed for her who loves leather fashion with both edge, style and quality.”

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