Onstagecollection since 1993

A well-known Danish leather brand. 
It is designed to support your power as a woman. The skins in our collections are always processed so it feels soft against your skin. When you buy a piece of clothing from Onstagecollection, you get a loyal companion in your wardrobe.

Lambskin is a strong, organic material that adds a natural strength to your femininity. Good fit and a classic cut are alpha and omega in all our collections.

For our chief designer Birgitte Gervig Andersen, the love of fur as a material is great. She knows that women often come to “live” in their Onstagecollection clothing because the design recognizes women’s need to feel comfortable when they are out to conquer the world.

Onstagecollection manufacturer in India is ISO certified. They have their own tannery, so we follow the whole process from animal to product. We know that the whole animal is used.
At the factory only adults work, under good working conditions. There are regular breaks, plenty of room at the sewing tables and bright rooms in fine condition.

(Onstagecollection – Empowering Women)

About the designer

From dressing gowns to umbrella organization
Birgitte Gervig Andersen is the designer behind the two clothing brands MadebyAndersen, Gervig and leather brand Onstagecollection. She has worked with textiles and designs since she was a little girl. She even drew her dressing gowns and created a myriad of creations for them. Her creativity followed her everywhere in a small suitcase filled with knitwear, fabric and needles.

As a five-year-old, she learned how to knit with grandma, crochet with grandma, and embroider with neighbor Nielsen. Sewing soon followed, then it was Barbie and the Daisy dolls who were so lucky to be able to go haute couture from Gervig. Childhood was marked by clear female role models. Birgitte’s mother sewed all the children’s clothes herself and her grandmother was a director at a textile factory in city Odense DK where – Hans Christian Andersen – one of the worldest greatest poet is born.

Birgitte has a drive and a persistence as few. She started as an entrepreneur already in high school. Leather clothing was made to order according to size, for friends and acquaintances. When the house had settled down in the evening, she laid out the big cowhides on the floor of the living room and cut out patterns with a Piggy Bank pen. The pocket money was saved up and spent on an expensive leather sewing machine. Later, several professional competences were added during the education at the Arts and Crafts School in Kolding DK.

The sensuality and joy of creating is still the main thread, and even though the production today is great, Birgitte always has her own fingers in the design process. She faithfully follows her collections from idea to outlets around the world. STYLE HOUSE APS, where the three brands Gervig, Made by Andersen and Onstagecollection belong, was created in 2015 by Birgitte and her life partner Nicolaj Andersen, CEO of the organization.

You can read more about the couple behind the success here.

About us

Onstagecollection is part of the fast growing international company, including the two brands MadebyAndersen & Gervig.

The couple behind the success 
Nicolaj Andersen and Birgitte Gervig Andersen met in 2014, and already in 2015 a common dream of a holistic life was realized. Madeby Andersen’s logo is therefore created from a thought of yours, mine and ours.

CEO, Nicolaj Andersen has strong values ​​from a long career in the mechanical sector as Repair Engineer – primarily at Maersk. Maintenance Add Hoc with high work ethic are important guidelines when Nicolaj keeps track of the many tasks in daily operations.

Chief designer, Birgitte Gervig Andersen lives and breathes to create beautiful and sustainable clothing that can be worn for several seasons. It is her passion to see what colors, shapes and materials are needed in women – now and in the future. For Birgitte, turning good ideas into good business is a way of life.

Both of them see the importance of creating the good match with skilled partners where the chemistry is present. It requires regular visits to their manufacturers in both Italy and India – And maintain a good contact with the company’s dedicated agents and business customers as well as to create a good framework for the employees in the administration in Svendborg.

It is a great pleasure for both Nicolaj and Birgitte to be able to dress a woman – from top to toe – with good quality basic wear from Made by Andersen, exclusive fashion from Gervig and with classic power from Onstagecollection. Wellknown danish leather brand.
It is created to support the feeling of being an empowered woman.
The leather we use in our collections is always treated very specially, to give the greatest softness to your skin.
When you buy an ONSTAGECOLLECTION item, you buy a loyal fellow for life.

Lamb leather is a natural, strong and organic material, which supports your feminine feeling and strength – with a classic and super fit.

Our design manager, Birgitte Gervig Andersen, has a great love and passion for leather. She knows that women often live in their Onstagecollection piece.

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